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Westernunionmoneywisecard.com Website Review & Ratings + Western Union Moneywise Card Coupons

The Western Union Moneywise Card is a prepaid card with virtually no fees. The obvious benefits of using a prepaid card over a credit card is that you can automatically track your spending and spend only what you have loaded on your card. You'll be able to keep check of your balance and spending online or via Smartphone, which can come in handy if you're letting your son/daughter loose with it. Loading your card is simple via either a direct bank transfer or deposit. You can also use a Western Union Money Transfer, which means that in an emergency, funds can be wired directly to your card by family or friends - which can come in handy while abroad.

A great advantage of using the Western Union Moneywise Card is that it is backed up by the MasterCard Zero Liability policy. This means that providing you notify your issuer promptly of its loss, you won't be help responsible for unauthorised purchases should your card be stolen providing your PIN has not been used.

Issued by MetaBank, the Western Union Moneywise Card is one of the most trusted providers of financial solutions in the US. It also has the great bonus of customers not needing to have a bank account or credit check in order to obtain it. The card has been partnered with InComm and will be readily available at more than 150,000 retail locations throughout the US, such as grocery stores, pharmacies and mass merchandiser locations. 

Western Union Moneywise Card: What makes it different?

What makes the Western Union Moneywise Card unique in the marketplace is the lack of fees associated with it. There are no monthly maintenance fees, no purchase transaction fees and no overdraft or late payment fees. You'll be able to manage your money effectively because you can only spend the money you have available on your card and you'll be able to track your balance and spending online or via a Smartphone with text notifications. 

There are 4 easy ways to reload your card, the easiest being a direct transfer from your bank account but you can also directly deposit your payroll check, receive a Western Union money transfer transaction or use cash at an Agent Location. The card is free to activate and secure to use with the 'MasterCard Zero Liability' policy. 

Whilst the fees associated with this card are few, it should be noted that there are fees when using it at ATM's, an inactivity fee of $2.50 if the card isn't used in a year and an Agent Location Cash Load Fee of $4.95. There is also a bank to card transfer fee of $1.00.

The benefits of using a card such as this are huge, however. Your money will arrive in minutes and can be sent anywhere in the world. Money can be deposited into a 'mobile wallet' associated with the mobile phone number you will provide. There are literally thousands of Agent Locations available worldwide where you can use cash to load your card. The Western Union website will allow you to track your money transfers and by clicking 'check status' you will know whether your recipient has received their money instantly. 

The Western Union Moneywise Card website has additional perks, such as being able to purchase gift and greeting cards for your friends and family and frequent online promotions such as free cinema tickets and reduced rates for wire transfers. There is also a fantastic section regarding business solutions, so if your business is global, you may find the ability to reduce currency exposures through hedging and risk management services rather useful.

Western Union Moneywise Card vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Western Union Moneywise Card)

The WalMart Money Card is a competitor of Western Union's Moneywise Card and is an easy option for those looking for a prepaid card, available for purchase in any WalMart store. It is the most popular prepaid debit card in America with over 1 million of these cards being purchased every 4 months but it is certainly not the best prepaid card America has to offer. Whilst the fees are not astronomical, the Western Union Moneywise card will work out far cheaper from month 1, let alone month 6, due to the fact that the WalMart Money Card charges a monthly fee and an activation charge. The WalMart Money card has a maximum balance of $3000, unlike Western Union's more impressive $5000. Then there is the fact that there are an awful lot more Western Union Agents around the US, let alone the world, than there are WalMart's; which makes reloading you card a lot easier if you're using the Western Union version. The final downside to using a WalMart Money Card vs. Western Union's Moneywise card is the number of complaints attributed to WalMart's card, which litter message boards all over the web. This may well be because WalMart have been in operation longer, but it is a consideration to take into account when making any new financial decision. 

The Green Dot Prepaid Card is another rival and their fees are even higher than that of WalMart's Money Card. You'll have spent nearly $11.00 just buying the card itself and paying the monthly fee, which is one very expensive plastic card. Nearly all the fees connected with the card work out more expensive than the WalMart Money Card and a lot more expensive than the Western Union Moneywise Card. The maximum balance available is only $2500, which is less than both its rivals. Once again, whilst you can use your Green Dot Prepaid Card at thousands of retailers across the US, you'll find that Western Union has more Agents and don't forgot you can use your Western Union Moneywise Card worldwide. As with the WalMart card, there are more complaints against the Green Dot Prepaid Card than can be found against the Western Union card. 

Western Union Moneywise Card: Pricing & packages

With regards to pricing I have used the fees that are charged by the card issuer's:

Western Union's Moneywise Card Fees are as follows: Activation Fee $0.00, Monthly Fee $0.00, ATM balance/enquiry fee $0.45, ATM withdrawal fee $1.95 (plus applicable ATM fees should there be any), Inactivity Fee $2.50, Agent Location Cash Load Fee $4.95, Card Reissue if lost of $5.00, Bank to card transfer fee of $1.00 and paper statement fee of $3.00. Currency conversion gains and fees will also apply. 

WalMart Money Card charges a $3.00 activation fee, $3.00 per month to use your card, $3.00 ATM withdrawal fee, $1.00 ATM balance enquiry and $3.00 to reload your card.

The Green Dot Prepaid Card charges a $4.95 activation fee, $5.95 monthly fee, $2.50 ATM withdrawal fee, $0.50 ATM balance enquiry fee and $4.95 to reload your card.

It isn't hard to see why the Western Union Moneywise Card is becoming very popular. The WalMart Money Card will charge you $6.00 before you even manage to put a penny on it and the Green Dot Prepaid Card is even worse, charging nearly $11.00 just for the privilege of owning a prepaid card. If you need a prepaid card, the most sensible choice is without doubt the Western Union Moneywise Card. 

Western Union Moneywise Card: Product images & screenshots
Western Union Moneywise Card Coupons
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Get Free Application @ Western Union Moneywise Card
Western Union Moneywise Card: Customer reviews & comments

Here is what Western Union's Moneywise Card customers and followers have been saying about it: 

Boldprepaid.com says:

Western Union Moneywise Features:

  • Manage your money online – Western Union offers a great website where you can login and manage your money. Look at your transaction history, transfer the balance, or load more funds.
  • 4 Ways to Reload the Card – You can select direct deposit, use a Western Union Money Transfer, add cash at any Western Union location, or transfer funds from a regular banking account.
  • MasterCard Zero Liability – if your card is ever lost or stolen you are protected under the zero liability policy. Just report the issue to their customer service and you will not be responsible for any of the funds that were lost.
  • Almost Zero Fees – Some prepaid cards look to make money off of outrageous fees, but this is not the card with the Western Union MasterCard. There are no monthly maintenance, transaction, or overdraft fees.


The Wall Street Journal says: 

As prepaid credit cards become a realistic banking alternative, more consumer-friendly cards become available. And by consumer-friendly I mean prepaid cards with little or no fees. As prepaid cards eliminate fees, they become a better alternative to high fee bank accounts.


Finextra.com says:

The Western Union Moneywise Prepaid Card was awarded three 2011 Pay Before Awards in the following categories, among other winners: Best General Purpose Reloadable Program: In-Person Sales Channel Category; Best Prepaid Program Media Advertising Category; and Online Gift and Greeting Card -- Best Gift Card Program Category. In 2010 Pay Before also named the Western Union Moneywise prepaid card "Outstanding New Entrant" in the Best General Purpose Reloadable Card Program category.

The Western Union® MoneyWise™ Prepaid Card

Reloading the Card:
· Reload money1 in-person at any of the over 46,000 participating Western Union Agent locations in the U.S.
· Use direct deposit through an employer
· Load a Western Union Money Transfer® transaction directly to the cards
· Add funds online using a bank account

· A fee-friendly card
· Ability to use the card anywhere Visa and MasterCard Debit cards are accepted including online and ATMs1
· The cards are protected by Visa and MasterCard's zero liability policy
· No credit check or bank account required to sign up for the card
· The ability to manage the card account both online and over the phone


Nerdwallet.com says:

You’ve probably seen the WalMart MoneyCard at your local WalMart, offered in partnership with Green Dot Financial. It’s the most popular prepaid debit card in America – about 1 million of these cards are purchased every 3 months at the time of this writing. While it’s definitely one of the better deals out there, it’s not the best deal. That honor belongs to a more recent offering from Western Union, called the MoneyWise Card.

In conclusion if you want a great prepaid card with hardly any fees, which is safe and secure and can be used just about anywhere in the world, then the Western Union Moneywise Card is virtually unbeatable.

Best Available Western Union Moneywise Card Coupon:
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